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  • Epiphany #1: Wealth is Mind over Money
  • ​Epiphany #2: Are your budgets working for you or are you working for your budgets?
  • Epiphany #3: Growth begets wealth - Invest in excellence
  • Epiphany #4: Why you don't need to live frugally
  • Epiphany #5: One thing you need in Life to magnify your financial future

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Watch how Raj Kapur went from the verge of bankruptcy to creating a business generating over millions of dollars from shoestring and how he has helped others do the same

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  • You are living a lifestyle which others envy, but you are in deep credit card debt and as months go by to keep up your lifestyle you borrow more, work long hours but are unable to get a handle on it
  • You’re terrified of losing your job because you are a paycheck away from the house of cards falling apart such as missing car payments, mortgage payments, defaulting on loans, or even facing foreclosure. 
  • You are scared of unexpected sickness or are afraid of medical payments; you are postponing the braces for your child who desperately needs it.
  • ​If you have declared bankruptcy before, the shame is deeper - you knew better but somehow got here again
  • ​Do you and your partner fight about money?
  • ​You worry about teaching your children the money management skills they need to be successful. You worry your children will be wreckless spenders like you
  • ​You have no retirement savings and little savings. You are scared of what will happen after you retire or you cannot see the retirement in your future at all. 
  • ​You’re terrified you are going to lose the lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve.
  • ​You feel like you’ve hit this ceiling on your income because you can’t possibly work any harder and feel there’s no other way to bring in more cash flow.
  • ​Do you feel like you’re going to spend the rest of your life just keeping your head above water when it comes to money instead of enjoying the wealth you want to have? 

If any of this sounds like you, I have great news. Because none of those problems is the real problem. Those are just the symptoms. The real problem is that you haven’t had what I like to call the 5 insights. 5 powerful epiphanies that will FINALLY help you look beyond the surface of what’s not working in your financial life.

Who is Raj Kapur

For over 30 years I have worked in the finance industry in For-Profit and Not-For-Profit industries. One thing I did notice was that most of the people do not have the right relationship with money. I have seen many millionaires who are living miserable and unhappy lives because they do not understand the wealth and money relationship.
During my coaching, I have seen this hundred of times when most of the people are letting their money and wealth life run on an auto-pilot based on the erroneous beliefs that were instilled in them in their childhood. Now do understand that their intention was not wrong but the way many people handle their money and wealth is wrong.

I have been working with people to change those beliefs, those mindsets.
You know you can work hard, make good money but still not be happy or do not have enough and are still living paycheck to paycheck and do not know why.

You see other people live out their dreams and then post them on social media. You can attain all these things, yes it will require work, you will need to take action, but you know a little time spent now could make a huge lasting change in your future. You can start at any age.

Londina Cruz about change in Money Mindset - from Scarcity Mentality to Abundance - even when making over six figures

I didn't grow up with knowledge of money. My mother didn't talk about money. All I remember is that she used to go to work and she always had to work three jobs, but what happened with money I had no knowledge. I know we didn't have much. So I grew up with a scarcity mentality. I didn't realize that until actually just recently and even just listening to the calls that I have a scarcity mentality, I operated out of lack and not out of wealth. And so I've chosen to switch my mentality. Before there were many times throughout my life where I had money and I made a six figure income, but my mentality was, you need to stock up in everything that you need because one day this money is going to be gone and you need to make sure that you're okay. So that's a mentality that I had. So, I would get money I would spend money, because I thought that by stocking up on everything that I needed making sure everything was taking care of that. Everything was going to be okay forever but that's not the way life works. You want to have money come in. Money is abundance, is an energy, and you need to change your mindset in order to attract it. And when it comes, you need to use it appropriately, you need to use some for your shelter, some for your food, for your clothing, you need to use some to give back to society and you need to put some away for your future and let it multiply, and also multiple streams of income, I've learned about that as well. My goal is that throughout this course, I'll learn to become more and more aware of how to have an outstanding relationship with money.

Donna Kunde

Guidance to Wealth is hands down the most comprehensive wealth building (and wealth keeping) tool on the internet. If you're serious about wanting to create wealth in your life, business or family, you need to enroll in this course!

Nelson Kung

Raj is definitely the head not the tail. He not only knew the subject well and designed this course material, he literally walked through every stage of his teaching. It is important to know who you learn from. Raj is a perfect model of what he teaches---a personification of this wonderful course to show you exactly how to reach the goal and the dreamed life you so desperately desired.. 

 100% FREE - Next Class Is Starting TODAY!

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